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Case Studies

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Flexidams replace solid weights for an inclining test

Client  A Cargo vessel
Country Moerdijk, The Netherlands
Date/ Year August 2015
Service details

We specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and support of two main product lines: inflatable buoyancy products for diving, salvage and installation operations, and waterbags for the load testing of cranes, davits, lifeboats, gangways and other load-bearing structures.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division successfully provided a customised solution to the client requirement by performing an inclining test using our Water Weights brand flexidams instead of solid weights on a cargo vessel.


Our 25-tonne flexidams placed on the cargo vessel for an inclining test

Client Requirement

Our client, a cargo vessel, approached us to perform an inclining test on the vessel, for which a total load of 100t was required. This load had to be spread equally over a certain area of the hatch covers and gradually moved across the deck during night time when all the cargo was removed from the vessel.

Unique solution delivered

As the requirement was urgent, due to time constraints it was not possible to arrange solid weights. So, Unique Group's Water Weights brand worked out an alternative solution and arranged an urgent delivery of 4 pieces of 25-tonne flexidams from our Great Yarmouth (UK) depot.

floor testing bags water weights

The flexidams were moved along the vessel during the duration of the test

During the test, the bags were filled, then drained and then moved across the deck and filled again. On completion of the test in one direction, the same process was repeated for the opposite direction. Our team also trained two client crew members to perform as supervisors for the completion of the test. 

Benefits delivered 

  • Turnkey proposition - tailored to the demands of the project
  • Technical Expertise- We supported the client throughout the project and also trained client employees for smooth execution of the project.
  • Quick response time – We provided an alternative solution to the client, suited to the time and resource constraints.
  • Commercially economical
  • On-site Support- We provided on-site support throughout execution.
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