Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group company, one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, announced today its appointment as Teledyne’s authorized service provider for the United Arab Emirates. It will solicit orders for the specific services and spares in support of TSS products in the UAE. Unique System shall extend warranty and non-warranty repair Services for the following manufacturer’s products: Meridian Gyrocompasses and Meridian Ancillaries.

Ian Huggins, General Manager at Unique System FZE commented on this occasion “We are very pleased to be appointed as Teledyne’s service providers and will do our best to serve the customers and provide support in a similar way like Teledyne would have done to support them. We will also maintain an inventory of component parts to support warranty and post warranty repairs.”

“Teledyne TSS Limited and Unique System FZE have enjoyed a long and successful relationship in this important region. As part of our plans to strengthen our global support network, I am delighted that we have now appointed Unique System as a Service Provider to offer warranty and non-warranty repairs locally within the United Arab Emirates. We are confident that Unique System has the necessary capabilities and infrastructure required to ensure that our customers and end users receive the very best in Customer Service and technical support for our Meridian Gyrocompass products and related ancillaries.” said Brian Huntsman, Vice President and General Manager atTeledyne TSS Limited.

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