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Project Summary

Client Name: MMA Offshore Limited

Summary of the Project  

Unique Group performed bathymetric data survey using Uni-Pact Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) of Fremantle Sailing Club and Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour entrance for MMA Offshore.

Client Requirement

Our primary scope was to provide MMA Offshore with accurate depth data around Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC) wharfs, berths and jetties. Additional scope was later included to provide MMA Offshore with depth data to the entry of Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. This was to ensure that their survey vessel, the Offshore Solution, had sufficient under-keel clearance with survey equipment deployed for future projects when entering or departing the harbour.

Challenges Faced

Fremantle is known for its strong winds, the name “The Fremantle Doctor” is given to the strong winds that consistently blow in the area from the southwest during the summer months. We took extra caution to plan the survey schedule to make sure the weather was right for launching, surveying and recovering. Additionally, traffic was heavy daily due to the large number of recreational fishing vessels going in and out of Fremantle during the busy fishing season.

Unique Solution Delivered  

The Uni-Pact USV was installed with Norbit iWBMS and a Valeport SWIFT SVP, which enabled it to gather accurate depth data around the wharfs, private berths and public fuel jetties while it was remotely operated from multiple locations around the Sailing Club. Following on from the work at FSC, the Uni-Pact was tasked to provide depth data to the entrance of Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, to assist the Offshore Solution navigate safely in and out of the harbour during their upcoming operations.

The USV’s remote base station was set up at Cape D’Orlando Groyne, with a local support vessel on hand to assist the Uni-Pact to navigate the busy harbour entrance safely during operations.

With the Valeport SWIFT installed on the USV drop winch, regular spot check SVP dips were taken throughout the survey to allow more accurate post-processing of the data.

Overall the project was completed successfully and quickly, the client was very pleased with the bathymetry data collected.

Benefits Delivered 

  • Environment friendly: The Uni-Pact USV is a completely environmentally friendly solution, as it is operated on electric engines which make negligible noise, thus reducing disturbance to the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Autonomous and remote solution: This project demonstrated the benefits of working autonomously and remotely.
  • Quick and easy solution: Uni-Pact reduced the process complexity as it is a lightweight and easy-to-deploy solution, proven by setting up at various locations around the site.
  • Expert technical support was provided from the beginning of the project till the end, thus enabling the client to make the best decision for the project.
  • Hot swap battery option was utilised to minimize any charging downtime. Battery swap over takes less than 20 minutes, meaning the USV is ready for another full survey scope within a very quick time.

Project Summary

Client Name: MMA Offshore Limited

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