Having been in the industry for over 21 years, Ed Arias has assisted in Water Weights growing from a small operation to the world leader it is today for its ground-breaking load testing technology.

Prior to its acquisition by Unique Group, Ed has been with Water Weights for 19 years and has been an integral part of its growing leaps and bounds not just in the Northwest region of the United States, but across the country, and more lately, across the globe.

Reflecting on his career thus far, Ed says “I began my career with Water Weights Inc. as the sole employee in the Northwest, covering everything for the depot from technical and sales through to warehouse operations – building our footprint from the ground up.”

“While building the Northwest depot, I gained invaluable experience in every aspect of the company’s operations and tried on many different hats. I found my niche in Sales and used my technical/operations knowledge to grow into the Sales Manager for the region, then the National Sales Manager and currently, into the role of Vice President.”

On being asked about the acquisition of Water Weights by Unique Group in late 2018, he adds “This has been one of the major highlights for Water Weights in the recent years. Unique Group’s strong geographical presence coupled with unfathomable technical expertise has strongly contributed to expanding our growth together.”

“Their ability to continually look ahead to the future of this industry and commitment to continued growth leaves me proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking and progressive company. “

More recently, Ed has been working very closely with the senior management team to build the Group’s expansion plans for its load testing solutions. With his strong expertise in Sales and Finance, he has been actively involved in projects from start to finish.

Looking ahead, Ed has big plans for the Group’s Load Testing division in the Americas. He wants the team to be recognized for their exceptional quality, integrity, and a ‘customer first’ attitude. He has also been mentoring the personal growth of some of the team members which he thoroughly enjoys and considers a key area of his expertise.

Despite the numerous challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ed is keenly looking forward to the future and is proud that the business has continued to build strength and energy, kept its employees safe and discovered new skills no matter the extent of these challenges. Ed adds, “I am so proud to be a part of this amazing journey wherein the opportunity of contributing to the overall growth is immensely gratifying.”

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