Unique Group continues to conduct business as usual under a normal schedule, however, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers is always our highest priority. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic and putting in place proactive measures to keep our communities safe and operational. Read more


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  • Himanshu (Harry) Gandhi

    Himanshu (Harry) Gandhi


  • Sahil Gandhi

    Sahil Gandhi


  • Vipul Gandhi

    Vipul Gandhi


  • Martin Somerville

    Martin Somerville


  • Graeme Sword

    Graeme Sword


Non-executive Directors

  • Salil Oberoi

    Salil Oberoi

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jan de Koning

    Jan de Koning

    Non-Executive Director

  • Anand Krishnan

    Anand Krishnan

    Non-Executive Chairman

Regional Management

  • Syed Taqvi

    Syed Taqvi

    RVP Americas

  • Venkatesh Rao

    Venkatesh Rao

    RVP Middle East

  • Prashant Shah

    Prashant Shah

    GM - India

  • Matthew Gordon

    Matthew Gordon

    RVP Europe

  • Chris Forde

    Chris Forde

    RVP - APAC

Group Directors - Verticals

  • Graham Brading

    Graham Brading

    Group Director - Buoyancy & Ballast

  • Sharad Kumar

    Sharad Kumar

    Group Director - Business Development

  • Rodney McKechnie

    Rodney McKechnie

    Group Director - Diving Design & Manufacturing
    (GM - South Africa)

  • Andrew Doggett

    Andrew Doggett

    Group Director - Survey Equipment

  • Steven Hague

    Steven Hague

    Group Director - On-Site Engineering

  • Billy Mckeown

    Billy Mckeown

    Group Director - Military and Defence

  • Mathew Antony

    Mathew Antony

    Group Director - Assets

  • Poonam Dabur

    Poonam Dabur

    Group Director - HR