At Unique Group, our values of committed and conscious drive our belief in the power of collective action to make a positive impact on our environment. As part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, we recently participated in a Mangrove Afforestation initiative along with Goumbook at the Zorah Mangroves in Ajman.

We navigated through the winding waterways of the mangrove forest on kayaks, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature. The Zorah Mangroves felt like a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, offering a sanctuary for both wildlife and humans alike.

Our team was privileged to learn firsthand from our knowledgeable guides about the vital role mangroves play in combatting climate change. These remarkable trees are environmental superheroes, capable of capturing vast amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Through a process known as carbon sequestration, mangroves store this carbon in their biomass and the soil beneath them, helping to combat global warming and reduce our carbon footprint.

The benefits of mangroves extend far beyond carbon sequestration. These resilient trees also serve as natural buffers against coastal erosion and storm surges, protect shorelines from wave action, and provide vital habitats for a diverse array of plant and animal species. Furthermore, mangroves act as natural filters, purifying the water around them and improving water quality for both marine life and coastal communities. This was evident as we saw a wide range of crabs, flamingos, seagulls and other fauna in the area.

Martin Charles, Chief Operating Officer at Unique Group, joined the initiative and commented: “Our participation in the mangrove planting is a reflection of Unique Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s not just about planting trees, it’s about taking action to combat climate change and protect the vital ecosystems that sustain us.

Unique Group COO planting mangrove sapling as part of sustainability efforts

The tree saplings all of us at Unique Group have planted are part of the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign along with the National Sequestration Program by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment. It is estimated that in the life span of the mangroves we have planted, it will sequester 8,008 kg of carbon.

Our experience at the Zorah Mangroves was not only a rewarding team activity but also a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world. By participating in initiatives like mangrove afforestation, we are not only contributing to the conservation of our environment but also fostering a deeper connection to the ecosystems that sustain us.

Through collective action and community engagement, we can ensure that these vital ecosystems thrive for generations to come.

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