In the dynamic world of offshore operations, safety and compliance remain the utmost priorities. As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) reviews its diving code rules, Unique Group, a renowned provider of comprehensive offshore solutions, is bolstering its production of class approved diving systems. With a proven track record in designing and manufacturing these systems, Unique Group is committed to meeting the evolving industry standards while emphasizing the importance of safety and quality.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety and Quality

For years, Unique Group has been at the forefront of designing and delivering class approved diving systems to major oil and gas service providers. The company’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality has earned it a distinguished reputation in the industry. With the upcoming changes to the IMO diving code rules, Unique Group recognizes the need to fortify its production capabilities to ensure compliance with the revised regulations.

Class Approved Diving Systems: The Hallmark of Safety and Compliance.

A class approved diving system signifies adherence to stringent industry standards and is a testament to its safety, reliability, and performance. Unique Group collaborates closely with renowned classification societies, working in tandem to meet and exceed the highest benchmarks in safety and quality. By choosing a class approved diving system, operators gain the assurance that their equipment has undergone rigorous assessments and is built to withstand the most demanding offshore environments.

Investing in Compliance: The Imperative for Diving Operators.

As diving operators plan for new capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects, it becomes crucial to consider classed systems from the outset. By doing so, operators can ensure compliance with the expected changes in the IMO diving code rules. Unique Group encourages operators to prioritize the adoption of class approved diving systems as a proactive measure to meet regulatory requirements while upholding the safety of their divers and optimizing operational efficiency.

Partnering with Unique Group for Unmatched Expertise

With its extensive experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing class approved diving systems, Unique Group emerges as a trusted partner for diving operators across the industry. The company’s long-standing relationships with major oil and gas service providers bear testimony to its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. By collaborating with Unique Group, operators gain access to the latest advancements in diving technology, ensuring their operations remain at the forefront of safety and compliance.

Retroactive Classing: A Solution for Older Systems.

Unique Group understands that some diving operators may possess older systems that require retrospective classing to align with the revised diving code rules. Taking into account factors such as the original build and design, Unique Group offers assistance in evaluating the feasibility of retroactively classing such systems. This comprehensive approach allows diving operators to assess their existing equipment and take necessary steps to ensure compliance and enhance safety.


With safety as the top priority, Unique Group’s commitment to bolstering the production of class approved diving systems in anticipation of the revised IMO diving code rules is a significant step towards enhanced compliance and safety in offshore operations. By prioritizing safety, quality, and compliance, Unique Group continues to be the trusted partner for diving operators worldwide, providing state-of-the-art solutions and industry-leading expertise to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry.

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