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Case Studies

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Classed Saturation dive system manufactured for a key EPCI client in the APAC

Client Key EPCI contractor
Region APAC
Year 2020
Service details

Unique Group designs and manufactures air, mixed gas and saturation diving equipment, marine winches, certified man-rider winches and specialised subsea rigging equipment.

 We offer a wide range of IMCA compliant and classed (Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV) diving equipment and systems, from diver launch and recovery systems (LARS), decompression chambers to containerised air and mixed gas diving systems.

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 Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Diving and Life support division built and delivered a DNV classed 12-man 300msw rated customised saturation diving system for a key EPCI client. The completed system includes SAT and dive control modules, self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat (SPHL) and all other associated components.

 Completed saturation diving system

The completed Saturation dive system

 Client Requirement

The client wanted a DNV GL approved modular saturation dive system which they could use for subsea offshore operations at 300msw depth. They had specific requirements which also needed to be incorporated into the system, including:

  • 10 degree Temperature rating
  • Active Heave Compensation on Bell Launch and Recovery System
  • Bell Moonpool Guidance system
  • integration of the system on the client vessel including HP gas Storage and Gas Management system

As the saturation dive system is a multi-million-dollar worth complex technical product, manufacturing and delivering the system requires expertise and technical knowledge which Unique Group is well known for in the industry, hence we were awarded the project.  

Challenges faced

The COVID-19 pandemic caused considerable difficulties in the manufacturing and logistics of the project; it directly affected the supply chain of the materials along with resource attendance.

Unique Solution Offered

Unique Group’s Diving and Life support division worked closely with the client to define the specifications and attributes of the system based on the requirements of their diving operations.

As part of the contract, Unique Group designed, manufactured and dispatched a DNV classed 12-man 300msw rated customised mobile dive system with a 6m3 Diving Bell. The chamber complex consisted of 3 x dual compartment chambers and an SPHL. All control rooms and machinery spaces were containerised in 20ft offshore DNV approved containers. Also included in the scope of supply of the dive system was an HP Gas Storage and Gas Transfer & Management equipment which will be integrated into the lower decks of the vessel.  The system, and its components, fully comply with DNV and IMCA guidelines.

Machinery container

The Diving Bell LARS used in this system was an A-frame type Launch and recovery system with Active Heave compensation that allows the system operator to recover the bell in conditions up to 5m significant wave height. This is unique in the industry. 

 Dive bell

Dive bell

A synopsis of the components of the saturation dive system are as follows:

  • Gas distribution and management system
  • Diving bell through moonpool interface cassette
  • SPHL & Davit
  • 3x Twinlock deck decompression chambers
  • Launch and recovery systems
  • Dive control, life support and saturation control modules


The chamber complex comprises of 3 x Twinlock chambers thereby making it one of the largest mobile systems available on the market providing increased functionality and diver comfort.

Diving Panels

SAT control panels

Benefits delivered

  • Compliant with DNV GL requirements
  • Designed, manufactured and delivered during COVID-19
  • Customised equipment based on client requirements
  • Proven design which has been deployed on multiple vessels
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