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Unique Group is pleased to announce a further addition to its extensive line of subsea technology with the addition of underwater laser scanners from Newton Labs. This recent purchase represents a further investment in advanced technology from the Group as they continue to increase their equipment rental inventory with the latest in subsea technology.

The underwater laser scanners provide images and 3D modelling of subsea structures and the seabed and are part of a wide range of products with scanning ranges out to 10 meters and resolutions to 0.01mm. With its most comprehensive in the world line of subsea scanners, Newton is the largest and oldest worldwide manufacturer of underwater laser scanners.

Commenting on the investment Andy Doggett, Unique Group’s Survey Equipment Divisional Director, stated, “we are delighted to collaborate with Newton Labs on this new and precise sensor method. Subsea laser scanners have become an indispensable tool for subsea and marine applications and with these new products we are able to meet rising customer demand for the latest underwater technology”.

John Bramblet, President and CEO of Newton Labs said “We are pleased to offer to the rental market our underwater laser scanners through Unique Group a market leader in the equipment rental sector”

The scanners are available for rental through the Unique Group’s Survey Equipment division.

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