UG: Uni-Winch (Mini)
UG: Uni-Winch (Mini)
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UG: Uni-Winch (Mini)

Unique Group Tether Winch is a network controlled powered spool, that can be utilised for either static SV and sonde deployments, or to tether an aerial drone that extends the communications range of a USV. In association with its Partner Hydroid Robotics, Unique Group has adapted its aerial drone spooling winch, to a multi-purpose, network controlled, lightweight Marine spooling winch particularly suited for ASV operations.


Small volume and lightweight

Small inertia force

Prevents impact when suddenly stopped or overloaded

Mechanical and electronic controls for zero to maximum speed

Ease of access to change the direction of the rotation of motors


9.5 kg weight (no tether)

48 NM continuous motor torque/max torque

47 KGF ? 128 KGF continuous pull force

100 NM brake holding torque

140 kg maximum pull force


Applicable to SV, sonde deployments

Functioning of aerial drones

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