Vipo: Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System
Vipo: Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System
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Vipo: Elastopipe™ Flexible Piping System


Unique Group in partnership with Vipo, offers Elastopipe™ which is a corrosion free, explosion, impact, and jet fire resistant flexible piping system that can be used to transport a variety of fluids from fresh water to crude oil. These piping systems come in two distinct configurations – FR (Fire Resistant) and FOR (Fire and Oil Resistant).


100% corrosion free and UV resistant.

Lower total installation cost compared to rigid pipe.

Maintenance free and easy to install with no hot work required.

30+ year design life.

Reduces water hammer and minimises marine growth compared to traditional pipes.


It is rated as a 150 lbs piping system with a design pressure up to 20 bars.

The flexibility of Elastopipe™ and pre-designed support solutions reduce the installation hours and need for detailed engineering.

The pipes are less sensitive to physical damages caused by impact, explosion and freezing.

Elastopipe™ has been type approved by Lloyds, ABS, RMRS and USCG.

Compliant with all functional requirements of NORSOK, NFPA, ASTM and SOLAS/ IMO.


Firewater distribution.

Utility systems.

Drain water and foam systems.

Nitrogen distribution systems.

Chemicals and hydrocarbons transportation.

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