Romica: DS111 Electric Towing Winch (3000m Cable)
Romica: DS111 Electric Towing Winch (3000m Cable)
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Romica: DS111 Electric Towing Winch (3000m Cable)

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Romica’s DS111 Electtric Towing Winch is considered as a larger version of the established DS32. Its cable capacity is 3000m with an increased cable speed of 100m per minute at a line pull of 1400kg on the first cable layer. All of the high specification features on this winch makes it more than capable of towing a large geophysical sensor in up to 850m water depth.


Bi-directionally joystick and speed control potentiometer, 50m hard wired remote

Electrically automatic pulse driven level wind with manual adjustment

Spooling gear mounted deployment roller to aid positioning where deck space is limited.

Crash frame with guards, fork lifting pockets and certified lifting lugs

Small deck footprint of only 1.9 m²


Supply: 380-440V-3 Ph-50/60 Hz

Winch Electrical Motor: 18.5Kw IP56 IE3

Cable: Rochester A302327

Cable Lead Off Angle: +/-15° Horizontal plane Min + 0° Max + 45° Vertical plane


Recovery operations

Critical towing operations

Used with many of the requested geophysical towed systems such as side-scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and gradiometer systems

Perform sampling and CTD deployment

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