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Unique Group’s Diving & Life Support team has announced orders for two of its HYRDA ABS Nitrox Surface Dive-ROV Systems to its client in Nigeria.

The systems sold each comprise a Dive-ROV control and chamber container, machinery container, air and nitrox 10ft HP gas storage containers, two single basket LARS and a SRP boat. The systems will be ABS Classed and compliant with the latest IMCA, OGP and ExxonMobil requirements.

As an independently owned global company, Unique Group leads the way in providing engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment and the latest technology for the diving, marine, survey, pipeline and subsea market sectors.

The Diving & Life Support division is a specialist division focusing on the design, build and installation of commercial and military diving equipment. Unique’s Hydra team spent time engaging with their client to provide a diving system design that reduces the cost of the assets as well the operation.

Bob Elshove, Sales Director at Unique Group’s Hydra division, which is based in South Africa commented, “We are very pleased to have received this order and look forward to seeing these systems make the journey offshore and working. Through engagement with our client we are producing innovative diving systems that will reduce our client’s operational costs.”

The Dive-ROV control and chamber container is fitted with a 1500 chamber and a control space with both a nitrox dive control suite and a ROV control station for a Seaeye Falcon ROV system. The control space is technically and ergonomically designed for effective co-operation between diving and ROV operations.

The machinery container is fitted with a Nuvair nitrox generation unit, two L&W HP air compressors, a Unique Hydra Tools HPU, a technician’s workbench and spares storage.

Each system is supplied with two 10ft HP gas storage containers one for air and one for nitrox. This enables the operator to switch easily between air and nitrox diving.

The SRP Boats supplied are 7.5m Rhino HDPE rugged workboats with diesel outboard engines. They are specifically designed for diving operations and have Unique Hydra SRP systems fitted.

The systems will be delivered by the end of October 2016.

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