Unique Group’s wholly owned company, GSE Rentals, has recently sold a new Applanix POS MV SurfMaster and POSPac Software suite to its client, Insight Marine Projects Ltd. Unique Group is a leading subsea and offshore service provider and GSE Rentals forms part of its Survey Equipment division. GSE Rentals specialises in the short, medium and long term rental of high quality geophysical, hydrographic and oceanographic marine survey equipment.

Insight Marine Projects Ltd, based in Cornwall in the UK, provides tailor made survey services to marine sectors around the world, with a particular focus on the renewables sector and civil engineering. Their services cover a range of disciplines, including construction support and geophysical survey.

The POS MV SurfMaster is an Inertial Navigation System (INS), which provides accurate positioning, heading and velocity data in a rugged small form-factor system, ideal for mobilisation to vessels of opportunity. This hardware is a key feature of the equipment required for high resolution multibeam bathymetric surveys. The system is complemented by the Applanix POSPac MMS processing software suite, which maximises the capabilities of the hardware.

Insight Marine selected this system over other similar systems as a result of its superior quality of operation. It allows for rapid mobilisation to various types of coastal/inshore vessels whilst maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. Another pivotal factor was that the SurfMaster INS is effective as a whole, particularly since it comes with the small form factor topside unit which is more effective than traditional rack mounted variants found on other INS systems. The small form factor enables the use of the hardware in a number of different scenarios. The accompanied POSPac MMS software also allows for the streamlining of the entire process, from data acquisition through to post-processing.

Alan Cameron, General Manager at GSE Rentals commented, “We are pleased to have sold one of the key products within our sales and rental pool to Insight Marine. We’ve been associated with Insight Marine for over ten years, and we’ve built a great business relationship. We understand their individual requirements and deliver equipment and expertise that is of the highest standard, more flexible and cost-effective. We are confident that Insight Marine’s clients will benefit in the long run.”

Alex Richards, Director at Insight Marine Projects Ltd. added, “The purchase of the POS-MV SurfMaster and POSPac MMS package represents a significant investment for us. It demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our clients whilst maintaining the flexibility to respond to projects at very short notice.”

“The system has formed part of the core equipment required on many of our projects. Purchasing our own system with processing software will prove both cost effective and improve project delivery timelines as much of our work involves vessels of opportunity, short mobilization periods and unpredictable weather windows.”

GSE Rentals has been offering the Applanix systems on a sale or rental basis since 1997. The lease pool also includes OceanMaster and WaveMaster II POS MV systems as well as full versions of the POSPac Post Processing Software.

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