Unique Maritime Group, which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, has announced the joining of Scott Jamieson as the Group Business Development Manager for its Diving Division. He will be based at Sharjah, UAE.

His main responsibilities will focus on developing Unique’s relationships with key clients in the diving industry and seeking new business opportunities to support our diving division. The division currently has a wide range of commercial products either available for sale or rent. Some of these include the Air and Mixed Gas Diving Systems, SAT Systems, Hyperbaric Reception Facilities, Personal and Ancillary Diving Equipment, Scuba Replacement Packages, Underwater Tools, Diving Compressors, etc.

Scott started his early career by working as a Service Engineer and then rapidly progressed in his career path by handling various roles in the diving sphere. With over 30 years of substantial experience in the diving industry, Scott also carries with him a history of sales and marketing experience within this industry. Before taking up his role of a BDM at Unique, he served as Area Director at Divex, Dubai UAE for the last 10 years taking care of various geographical locations, providing valuable technical and engineering solutions to clients within the region.

On this occasion, Harry Gandhi, CEO at Unique Maritime Group commented, “We are extremely delighted to welcome Scott Jamieson to Unique Maritime Group. In 2014, we have major growth plans for our Diving department which is called HYDRA and we hope that with Scott’s phenomenal history of tapping significant deals with industry stalwarts backed by firm sales, marketing and business development skills, will help us achieve the same.”

Scott Jamieson affirmed, “I am delighted to be offered this exciting new role to further enhance UMG’s business in the diving sector. UMG has a strong reputation in the market for the top-class products and services it offers to customers worldwide. I hope to use my expertise to target new clients in this important market sector and also add value to the diving services that UMG already has to offer.”

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