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Reliable Oil Purification Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group offers top-notch and reliable oil purification solutions at affordable prices. We are a leading global player, providing multiple survey equipment and solutions in a wide range of industry sectors. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are committed to developing high-quality surface vessel equipment and merchant marine solutions to meet the emerging needs of different customers. We design products that can operate efficiently in the toughest environmental conditions. 

Under the oil purification solutions category, we mainly provide only one product, which is, an oil purification system. Our product aims at completely evaporating all the water, including the emulsified water from the oil. It helps in providing you with pure oil. The oil purification system can purify all types of lubricating and hydraulic oil. The oil capacity of the system is up to 3,000 liters. The system comes with several advanced features, making it suitable for applications like cranes and winches, thrusters, RoRo equipment, and stern-tube. The equipment also finds wide use in the shipping industry. 

Our oil purification solutions are the best in the industry for a reason. Wondering why? Consider the major benefits listed below.

  • Low Operating Cost: The oil purification system is designed to facilitate more cost savings. It has the lowest operating cost in the market.
  • Better Purification of Oil: The system allows continuous and effective maintenance of the oil. As a result, you can expect the delivery of pure oil.
  • Extends Oil Life: The oil purification system can help in extending the oil life by 10 to 15 days.
  • Diverse Applications: The system is ideal for various applications in the shipping industry.

At Unique Group, we have a team of oil purification solution specialists who are always ready to assist customers. Need more information about our winches and deck equipment or oil purification system? Connect with us today and get all the detailed information.