Exail (iXblue) Rovins: Inertial Navigation System
Exail (iXblue) Rovins: Inertial Navigation System
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Exail (iXblue) Rovins: Inertial Navigation System


Rovins is a combined survey-grade full featured inertial navigation system for water depths up to 3,000 m. It improves the efficiency of all operations where accurate position, heading and attitude are key benefits.


All-in-one high-accuracy 3D positioning with heading, roll and pitch, ROT and 3D speeds

Unique FOG strap-down technology

Multiple interfaces (DVL, USBL, LBL, Ramses, GPS, depth sensor)

Solution DVL Ready

Octans footprint compatible


Operating/storage temperature: -20°C to 55°C / -40°C to 80°C

Rotation rate dynamic range: Up to 750 deg/s

Acceleration dynamic range: ± 30 g

Heading/roll/pitch: 0 to +360 deg / ±180 deg / ±90 deg

Depth: 3,000 m


ROV positioning

Multibeam sonar


Subsea construction

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