UG CAB 02: Analogue Soft Tow Cable
UG CAB 02: Analogue Soft Tow Cable
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UG CAB 02: Analogue Soft Tow Cable

Unique Group provides Analogue Soft Tow (CAB 02) which is made up of four coaxial conductors and four single conductors.


Multipurpose cable used for many soft tow applications

Aberdeen 2100 kg break load

Minimum bend radius 150 mm

Aramid strength member



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4 x Coaxials 25 ohm

4 x 0.36 mm² Copper Conductors

Jacket:   Fluorescent Yellow Polyurethane (PU)

Outer diameter :   approx. 14mm

Weight in air :   approx. 290 kg/km

Weight in seawater:  approx. 130 kg/km

Minimum breaking strain approx:  20 kn

Recommended minimum bend radius:   250 mm


The cable is suitable for use with analogue sidecan systems such as the Edgetech 4100 towfish and also sub bottom profilers such as the Edgetech 3100P

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