UG: Welding and Cutting Cable Reel (200m)
UG: Welding and Cutting Cable Reel (200m)
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UG: Welding and Cutting Cable Reel (200m)

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Unique Group offers 200m Welding and Cutting Cable Reel. It is designed for handling, storage, and manipulation of a long length of cutting and welding cable sets useful for heavy-duty subsea application.


Has Large capacity reel.

Offers safety guards and is hydraulically driven.

Provides a neat and tidy solution for cables.

The cable reel is skid mounted and is powered through a hydraulic motor, reduction gearbox, and chain driven.

Deployment and retraction of the reel are achieved through directional control valve integrated on the reel.

Features a bulkhead plate through, electrical connections on cutting, and welding cable set are made.


Line Pull: 350 kg

Flange Outer Dia: 1570mm

Core Dia: 700mm

Core Width:420mm

Drum Speed: 12RPM

Cable capacity: 200m


Suitable device for heavy-duty subsea application.

It has been used in the cable and pipeline industry for welding and cutting the cables in an appropriate manner.

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