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200m, Welding and Cutting Cable Reel

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  • 200m, Welding and Cutting Cable Reel
200m, Welding and Cutting Cable Reel

Designed for the handling, storage and manipulation of long lengths of cutting and welding cable sets makes the hydraulically powered 200m welding and cutting cable reel great for heavy duty subsea applications. The cable reel is skid mounted and is powered through a hydraulic motor, reduction gearbox and chain drive. It features load holding hydraulic brake which is augmented by a mechanical brake on the gearbox input side. Deployment and retraction of the reel is achieved through a directional control valve integrated on to the reel. The cable reel also features a bulkhead plate through which electrical connections on the cutting and welding cable set are made. We can supply cutting and welding cable sets to suit your requirements as well as any power packs and welding inverters required to run the reel. Our sales team is ready to offer assistance in satisfying your requirements.

• Hydraulically driven
• Safety guards
• Offers a neat and tidy solution for cables
• Large capacity reel

Line Pull (Max.): 350kg
Flange Outer Dia.: 1570mm (Nominal)
Core Dia.: 700mm
Core Width: 420mm
Drum Speed (Max.): 12RPM
Cable Capacity: 200m
Length: 2092mm
Width: 957mm
Height: 1945mm
Drive Ratio: 2:1
Gearbox Ratio : 6.2 : 1
Max. flow: 17l/min
Motor ΔP:100bar
Hydraulic Power: 3kW

Order Detail:  
Hydraulic Welding and Cutting Cable Reel-200m D-ST-261


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