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Stanley HPP 300E: Electric Hydraulic Tool HPU

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Unique Group supplies HPP 300E, Electric Hydraulic Tool HPU, a hydraulic tool power unit which features a vertically mounted motor of 30 kW. The power pack features a versatile range for hydraulic flow rate up to 55 litres per minute. This makes it appropriate to run virtually any form of hand held hydraulic tool including the entire range of Stanley hydraulic hand tools.


Pressure compensated flow control valve for variable hydraulic flow

4-purpose built lifting points and 4 – point lifting sling

Shell and tube water heat exchanger

250L oil tank capacity

Variable flow axial piston pump


Electric Motor Power: 30kW @1750RPM Frequency: 60Hz Sea water cooler has 15kW heat dissipation capacity at a certain flow Operating Voltage: 440 Volts IP Rating (motor and panel): IP56


Can be used in diving and life support

Subsea tooling equipment

Can be used for undersea inspection or diving

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