UG: Hydraulic Hose Reel (300m)
UG: Hydraulic Hose Reel (300m)
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UG: Hydraulic Hose Reel (300m)

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Unique Group offers 300m Hydraulic Hose Reel. It is designed to handle, storage and manipulation of long lengths of twin umbilicals. Used for the subsea application for cable cutting.


Offers a net and tidy solution for hydraulic hoses.

Provides large capacity reels and has safety guards in it.

Rugged, heavy-duty design.

skid-mounted hose reel and power through the gearbox, chain drive.

Features load holding hydraulic brake, augmented by the mechanical brake on the gearbox input side.

Features quick connect couplers, through which hydraulic connections for supply and return lines to the power tool.


Line Pull: 600 kg

Flange Outer Dia: 1900mm

Core Dia: 700mm

Core Width: 590mm

Drum Speed: 12RPM

Hose capacity: 300m


Suitable for subsea application, which requires handling, storage, and manipulation of long lengths.

The device has been used by marine experts and sailors, to quickly deploy, mobilise and demobilise the pressure lines.

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