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50 Litre Cylinders

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  • 50 Litre Cylinders
50 Litre Cylinders

The single cylinders that can be supplied are 50 litre steel cylinders, supplied oxygen clean but not stamped for oxygen. The valve thread is 25E (previously W28,8 x 1/14 inch) and with a valve outlet BS 341 No.3 (Bullnose). The cylinders are painted to suit the application.

Dia. x Height: 229mm x 1460mm

Order Detail:

Cylinder, Single 50 litre 300 bar steel, c/w Bull nose valve D-GB-410
Cylinder, DNV 50 litre 300 bar, steel, DNV certificate D-GB-411
Cylinder, 50 litre 200 bar, Nitrox/Air D-GB-413
Cylinder, 50 litre 200 bar, Heliox D-GB-414
Cylinder, Single 50 litre 200 bar steel, oxygen D-GB-415


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