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TDC 1800/55, 6-Man Mobile Reception and Treatment Chamber

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  • TDC 1800/55, 6-Man Mobile Reception and Treatment Chamber
TDC 1800/55, 6-Man Mobile Reception and Treatment Chamber

The TDC 1800/55 is a 6-man mobile hyperbaric reception and decompression chamber. It is designed to be mobile and deployable to a location where it will be required. It is fitted with a STANAG NATO female mating flange to make it possible to mate with 1-man and 2-man transport chambers. The chamber is designed for a maximum working depth of 55m and is built in accordance with the latest design codes which are certified and approved by Lloyd's Register, who also witnessed all materials and testing. The chamber is fitted with two view ports and a medical lock that is positioned to ensure the operators have visual access to the occupants. A chamber control panel is mounted on the chamber and this allows direct control of the depth and pressurisation systems of the chamber.

Order Detail:

TDC1800/55 Six Man Mobile Reception and Treatment Chamber D-MD-131
On board-Environment Conditioning System including 4000BTU Air Cooled Chiller in Handling Frame, Internal Conditioning Unit and Interconnect Hoses D-MD-131-01
Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher HYDRA 7L D-HE-40
Waterproof Cover D-MD-131-02
Calibration Cart including 4 x 6ltr Cal Gas Cylinders with Regulators and Interconnect Hose D-MD-129-04
Transportable High Pressure Cylinder Banks: 12 x 50ltr Air Cylinders and 4 x 50ltr Oxygen Bank. Banks supplied with forklift pockets and lifting slings D-MD-131-03
6kVA Generator D-MD-131-04
Spares for TDC1800/55 D-MD-131-05
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