UG TDC 600/55: Transport Chamber (2-Man)
UG TDC 600/55: Transport Chamber (2-Man)
Diving + Life Support

UG TDC 600/55: Transport Chamber (2-Man)

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Unique Group’s TDC 600/55 is a 2-man chamber for transporting an injured diver from an offshore location to an onshore medical facility. The chamber is equipped with necessary facilities and equipment to ensure minimal risks during the transportation process.


55m working depth

Built according to the certified design codes under the Llyod’s Register

Pressure vessel made of aluminium

Two view-points for visual contact with occupants

Control panel system

Waterproof cover


It has a backup battery mounted to the chamber

Comes with a portable 12VDC power supply unit

The chamber also has a medical penetrator and cylinders with interconnected hoses and regulators

It has transportable high pressure 4 x 50l Air Cylinders and 4 x 50l Oxygen Bank with forklift pockets and lifting slings


Applicable to transporting of injured divers to onshore medical locations with minimal risks involved and well-efficient equipment.

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