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LW 450 D, L&W Compressors

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  • Hatz 10kW diesel engine in Hatz Silent Pack c/w electrical start
  • Original Hatz diesel tank
  • 12V electrical/pneumatic control
  • Wet painted steel housing (RAL 6026)
  • Condensate drain test switch, key switch for start/stop und speed selector
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Hour counter
  • Diesel motor oil pressure and battery warning lamps
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Automatic idle speed selector and condensate drain when end pressure is reached
    (compressor switches to full speed and drain valves close when empty tanks are opened)
  • 4x Filling hose and filling valve
  • Pressure maintaining and non-return valve
  • All pistons c/w steel piston rings
  • Low pressure oil pump
  • Oil- / water separators after each stage
  • Safety valves after each stage
  • 3x concentric suction/pressure valves
  • Filling pressure to your choice (200 or 300 bar)
  • Connections to your choice
    (DIN 200 bar or 300 bar, CGA 200 bar or 300 bar and INT)
  • Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021t
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