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When it comes to exploring the depths of our oceans and lakes, understanding the geophysical characteristics of the underwater terrain is crucial. Whether it’s for marine construction, offshore exploration, or environmental assessments, accurate data about the sub-bottom conditions is essential. This is where sub-bottom profiling, a powerful technique in underwater geophysical surveys, comes into play.

Sub-bottom profiling is a method used to investigate the layers of sediment and geological structures beneath the seafloor or lakebed. It provides a detailed cross-sectional image of the sub-bottom, helping geophysicists and marine engineers understand the composition, thickness, and stratigraphy of different layers.

EdgeTech 2300 Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiler
EdgeTech 2300: Combined Side Scan Sonar and Sub-bottom Profiler

Sub-Bottom Profilers

Sub-bottom profilers emit sound waves into the water column and measure the reflections from the seafloor and sub-bottom layers. This technique provides information about sediment composition, layer thickness, and geological structures.

Before undertaking any underwater construction project, such as laying pipelines, constructing offshore platforms, or installing wind farms, it is essential to assess the stability and composition of the seafloor. Sub-bottom profiling equipment helps identify potential hazards and ensures the selection of suitable foundation designs. Oil and gas exploration companies employ sub-bottom profiling surveys to locate potential hydrocarbon reservoirs beneath the seafloor.


Innomar Medium-100 Parametric Sub-Bottom ProfilerData example from Shallow water in the North Sea

Innomar Medium-100: Parametric Sub-bottom Profiler along with a data example from shallow water in the North Sea

Unlocking the Depths

High-Resolution Imaging provides detailed imagery of the sub-bottom layers, enabling the identification of distinct geological features and potential hazards. Unlike traditional drilling methods, sub-bottom profiling is non-destructive and does not disturb the seafloor environment. They help optimize project planning and reduce the risk of encountering unexpected obstacles during construction or exploration, thereby saving time and costs.

Data sample from Boomer Seismic Sound Source

Panama Canal data sample from Applied Acoustic AA301: Boomer Seismic Sound Source

At Unique Group, quality, safety, and functionality are key parameters that have shaped our survey system over the years. By providing invaluable insights into the sub-bottom layers, it enables informed decision-making in marine construction, offshore exploration, and environmental assessments. With advanced geophysical survey instruments and equipment, professionals can unlock the mysteries of the underwater world, ensuring sustainable and efficient utilization of our marine resources.

We have a wide range of Sub-Bottom Profilers in our portfolio from leading global brands such as Applied Acoustics, EdgeTech, GEO Marine, Innomar, Knudsen and Kongsberg. If you have any requirements for your project, reach out to our experienced technical team and we will find the right solution for you based on your requirements.

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