Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group company, which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers signs a joint venture with the National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) to launch a training centre and training courses in the UAE.

The National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) provides expertise and services to the Subsea industry and pressure-related industries and has been involved in the diving industry for over 25 years through the provision of training, testing, hyperbaric facilities and decompression studies.

Unique System and the National Hyperbaric Centre will provide quality training on diving-related courses in its new purpose built training centre. The complete training schedule will be conducted at our training centre which is situated in our office premises located at Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the end of course exam, the attendees are issued with either a certificate of participation from the NHC or an IMCA or OGP recognized certification from the relevant authority. Some of the courses that are offered include IMCA Air Diving Supervisor, IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician, IMCA Bell/Gas Diving Supervisor, OGP Client Representative, Dive Technician, IMCA Diver Medic, Diver Medic Refresher, Diving Systems Auditing and Assurance & Subsea Rigging and Lifting.

Ian Huggins, General Manager of Unique System FZE commented on this occasion “We are extremely delighted with the start of our own diving training facility at our premises and support the diving industry with top courses along with NHC.”

Unique System FZE successfully conducted its first National Hyperbaric Centre course on “Diving Systems Auditing and Assurance” from February 5th to February 7th, 2013 in its new training centre in the Hamriyah Free Zone. The course is aimed at enabling attendees to become fully aware of dive system auditing procedures, utilizing IMCA documentation and developing knowledge of industry recommendations and ‘best practice’. This course was followed in succession by a series of courses, namely the IMCA Air Diving Supervisor Course, and the OGP Client Representative Course.

One of the upcoming courses titled “Diver Medic Technician” is scheduled to be conducted from May 19th to May 30th, 2013. An IMCA Diver Medic course is required for divers, as a pre-requisite for diving team selection that involves saturation and air diving world-wide, by many major diving operators. During this course, experienced instructors provide high quality training in diving procedures and diving medicine. The course is intensive with practical and theoretical modules and offers an IMCA recognized certification of training on the successful completion of this course.

David Smith, Managing Director of the National Hyperbaric Centre said “We are glad to run our courses in the UAE. The initiative has been introduced by the NHC due to the demand from the growing Middle East diving industry, and will include our renowned OGP Client Representative, Diving System Auditing & Assurance (DSAA) and IMCA Air Diving Supervisor courses.” “Unique System FZE has vast experience and in depth knowledge and we are glad to partner with them to offer these courses” he added.

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