With strategic intentions to reinforce its Marine & Subsea division, Unique Group has recently signed an agreement with Singapore-based Hamworthy Pumps.

Hamworthy Pumps technology has more than a hundred-year history of innovation led by some of the most respected brands in the industry. Hamworthy Pumps was founded in 1889 and became a renowned maker of pumps and pumping systems in the marine & offshore industry. The company has a new and extensive range of marine pumps, high levels of stock including spare parts, and a global network of sales and services. Today, their pumps and pumping systems are used in much of the world’s fleet and have won wide acclaim for their reliability, accessibility and efficiency.

As a distributor for the Hamworthy Pumps range of products, Unique Group will offer their products in South Africa, Nigeria and the Middle East

Above: Fire Water Pump

Product range: Engine Room Pumps, Fire Water Pump Packages, Scrubber Pumps, Replacement Pumps, Pump Room Systems, Spare Parts and Global Service

Segments covered: Merchant, Navy, Offshore, Cruise and Ferry

Common applications: scrubber, fresh / sea water cooling, general sea water service, offshore, cargo offloading, ballast, bilge, firewater, lube oil circulation, oil transfer, water circulation, sea water lift

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