Unique Group’s Survey Equipment division, through its Oceanvision brand, have recently delivered two custom-made portable CCTV inspection systems to a global energy services company based in Singapore and Australia. The CCTV inspection systems were developed through Oceanvision’s exclusive software which enables the client to have local control of the camera and light functions ensuring ease of use and adaptability.

The camera systems consist of a special small pan, tilt and zoom camera with built-in dimmable LED lights. The portable camera systems also have the newly developed dimmable 15,000 lumens LED flood lights (OV-HELIOS-15k) which help to improve visibility and assess situations precisely.

The subsea camera units are connected to a 100m umbilical with quick release connectors to the portable suitcase unit. The suitcase unit consists of digital recording unit, laptop and LAN Multicast for any additional users connected to the LAN. In addition, an analogue monitor is fitted for real time video presentation to the operator, with an option of video recording for later use. The system can be easily deployed in vessels of any size and is a cost-effective alternative to accurately gauge the area under observation and make informed decisions.

Sharad Kumar, Director of Business Development at Unique Group commented, “For over 20 years, the Oceanvision brand has been offering cutting edge CCTV solutions with customised hardware and software to ensure maximum efficiency for the clients. These camera systems are multipurpose and can be deployed in any vessel within a short span of time. The real time and video recording options in the camera systems make them useful for both on-site and remote clients. We ensure to deliver customised camera systems to suit individual client requirements with minimum alterations on-site. Unique Group offers 24-hours technical support via multiple locations around the world to help client operations run smoothly and reduce downtime.”

Unique Group’s Survey Division is one of the world’s leading providers of technologically advanced survey equipment. We continue to expand our rental equipment base to support clients with the best the industry has to offer. With the acquisition of the Oceanvision brand in 2016, we now offer innovative camera systems for offshore installations, onshore plants, subsea systems and marine vessels.

For more information, please contact us at fareastsales@uniquegroup.com

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