UG: Uni-Sheave
UG: Uni-Sheave
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UG: Uni-Sheave

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Developed by Unique Group to meet the demand for increased back deck survey equipment, the Uni-Sheave is a reliable and accurate system for measuring the cable passing over the wheel. Developed to help Oceanographers, Hydrographers and Surveyors who require an accurate measurement of deployed cable in conjunction with applications including Side Scan Tow Fish, Magnetometers, ROVs, CTD Systems, Undulating Towed Vehicles, Sub-bottom Profilers, etc.


Made from aluminium and stainless steel

The safe working load for the Uni-sheave is 5 tonne at head fitting

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery

The radio range is maximum 300 metres

Standby life for the Uni-sheave is 10 years


Height: 692 mm

Sheave Wheel Diameter: 350mm

Overall width is 145.5mm plus 55mm bracket

Maximum cable diameter is 11.4mm and it can be customised during the order time

Transmits power up to 250Mw

The frequency for the counter transmitter is 433Mhz, 868Mhz or 900Mhz


Used by oceanographers, hydrographers and surveyor who require accurate measurement of deployed cable

Side Scan Tow Fish


CTD Systems

Undulating Towed Vehicles

Sub-bottom Profilers

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