Diego Basso of FAS Servizio Sicurezza Srl and his team at the Cowes, UK factory for training from Seaflex Service Manager Gary Hook (second from right)

  • Seaflex waterbags are now stocked in Turin, Italy to service local demand for the testing of cranes, lifeboats, gangways and other load-bearing structures
  • The number of Seaflex rental locations within Europe now increases to nine, stretching across the continent from Stavanger to Athens
  • The sale of waterbags and convenient local through-life servicing support is also available from all these bases, to customers who prefer to purchase rather than hire such equipment
  • Seaflex has helped contractors worldwide work more safely, efficiently and profitably since 1987.

As of April 2017, the Seaflex brand of Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division is delighted to welcome FAS Servizio Sicurezza Srl to the Seaflex international network.

Seaflex WaterLoad™ bags and Seaflex-trained service technicians are now deployed at FAS’s Turin base, serving the whole of the Italian market.

The equipment servicing standard in each of these locations is exactly the same as in all other bases in the Seaflex network. Each and every bag will be thoroughly inspected and tested by a trained technician between rentals, so users can be assured that the bags they receive will do the job required of them straight out of the crate, first time, every time.

Alongside offering rental of this equipment within their domestic markets, FAS are also able to offer the sale and subsequent local support of Seaflex waterbags up to the new and market-leading 100t WaterLoad™.

Chris Sparrow, Unique Buoyancy & Ballast’s Global Sales Manager commented, “We are delighted to have Diego Basso and his team onboard as part of our ever-expanding worldwide Seaflex network. FAS is an extremely well-known and well-respected name within the Italian market, the Seaflex product line and business model is a very neat fit with their current range of activities, and we are sure that the presence of Seaflex equipment combined with first-rate back-up will be of significant interest to those involved in the testing of cranes, lifeboats and other load-bearing structures within the Italian market.”

For more information, please email seaflex@uniquegroup.com

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