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Leading integrated subsea and offshore solutions provider, Unique Group, has entered a new partnership with floating dry dock innovators, Tugdock, by providing their Seaflex brand buoyancy bags for the Tugdock systems and also representing the product internationally through the company’s wide network.

Designers and manufacturers of a brand-new, patented modular floating dry dock concept, Tugdock comes in sizes ranging from 12m x 12m to 100m x 100m with a total lift capacity up to 15,000 tonnes, and is able to lift vessels and other floating structures clear of the water at a fraction of the cost of standard dry docks. Easily transportable in standard shipping containers, it is quickly and cost-effectively taken to the vessel(s) where the components are assembled in customized dimensions to best suit the size and shape of the vessel or the floating structure to be lifted. The Tugdock system will revolutionise the maintenance of fleets located far from the nearest shipyard, or the construction of floating offshore structures.

Each Tugdock system uses individually controlled Seaflex buoyancy bags contained within an open steel frame structure, in a concept developed over two years by Tugdock and a team of Unique Group experts, led by Graham Brading, Group Director of the Buoyancy & Ballast Division.

Coinciding with Tugdock’s official launch this month, this innovative system is being offered for rental or purchase via Unique Group’s own network of bases across four continents: United States of America, Canada, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, KSA, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore, India and Nigeria.

Above: (L-R) Shane Carr, Tugdock and Graham Brading, Unique Group: Pre-Covid19 handshake to seal the partnership

Graham Brading said: “Since each Tugdock sold will see a significant amount of Seaflex bags being manufactured in our own factory, it makes perfect sense for us to assist Tugdock in maximising their sales and we are delighted to have the opportunity to do so. With Unique Group’s increasing focus on the renewable energy sector, we envisage significant potential for an upscaled version of the product to assist with the construction and launch of floating wind turbines, which can be up to 15,000 tonnes displacement.”

Tugdock‘s Shane Carr added: “Having worked closely and successfully with Graham and his team during the research, development and trial process, we have also gained an understanding of Unique Group’s global presence. We are very happy to have appointed them to represent us in the parts of the world where they have an unrivalled presence, and to be able to benefit from that international reach.”

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