Unique Group’s Medical Technology division is pleased to announce an order for the D-MAS HyperSat System to its client, Boskalis, in the UAE. The order was completed at the Arab Health Show in early February 2017.

The Medical Technology division has recently associated with DanMedical, the manufacturers of the D-MAS HyperSat system.

The industry-leading remote healthcare solution is specifically designed for saturation diving and hyperbaric treatment chambers. The D-MAS HyperSat allows the medic to obtain, record and transmit accurate medical data from within the chamber, as required under the recommendations of DMAC 28 and OGP 411.

Ian Huggins, Group Director for Unique Medical Technology Division commented, “We’re pleased to have sold the D-MAS HyperSat kit to one of our significant customers in the Middle East. Diver safety has always been top priority for our team. We understand the criticality of medical incidents that can arise in a saturation diving environment. The D-MAS HyperSat is highly functional to assist divers in such incidents as its remote monitoring feature uses real-time data taken within the chamber, thereby enabling more informed and accurate decision making.”

With decades of specialist experience, Unique Medical Technology division mainly offers a new proposition in hyperbaric treatment through the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers, with you and your patients in mind.

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Unique Medical Technology Division: infomedical@uniquegroup.com

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