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Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group company which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers.

CodaOctopusare specialists in the latest generation of underwater technologies; CodaOctopus Products provides innovative solutions for tasks including subsea survey, underwater construction, dredging and port security.

Unique System FZEreceived the best sales rep for the years 2010 and 2011 from CodaOctopus during the global representative meeting held during Oceanology 2012 this March at London. Unique System has been representingCodaOctopus for many years in the Middle East and the award felicitates the successful promotion in the region of all the three product groups ; 3D sonar, Marine Geophysical ; Motion Sensing.

On this occasion Ian Huggins, General Manager of Unique System FZE commented “We trust the high quality products from CodaOctopus and then pass the same trust to our clients and customers”. “We will continue to support them and will aim to receive this award next year too” he added.

“We wish Unique System FZE heartiest congratulations for picking this award and we will happy to support Unique with our latest products and services in future too” commented Stephen Auld, Managing Director at CodaOctopus.

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