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Oceanwide SAS Becomes Seaflex Waterbag Rental Base in Rotterdam

Oceanwide Safety at Sea has taken a key step towards establishing itself as the Netherlands hub for other businesses within Unique Group.

Unique Group acquired Oceanwide SAS in October 2015, in a move that significantly broadened the organisation’s global diving service capabilities.

The most recent step in a strategic plan to position Oceanwide as Unique Group’s Netherlands footprint takes the form of the transfer of the Rotterdam stock of Seaflex proof load testing waterbags to Oceanwide’s Brielselaan 69 facility.

Technicians Saigids Haibulajevs (l) and Arlison Wederfoort (r) inspect a 35t Seaflex WaterLoad bag in the Oceanwide workshop   First hire of Seaflex 10t WLB via Oceanwide, for lifeboat testing on Stolt vessel, Rotterdam, January 2016;

The waterbags are now available for hire from the facility to customers throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and further afield in Northern Europe.

The brand new WaterLoad™ bags come in denominations up to 35t as well as 16-bag/6,000kg lifeboat testing sets. Oceanwide’s technicians have been trained in inspecting, maintaining and then re-certifying these bags, using the same procedures and to the same standards as those applied at the Seaflex factory in the UK.

No other supplier of rental waterbags offers a higher service standard: each and every WaterLoad™ bag is inspected, tested and re-certified in between each and every rental job. Additionally, all bags are supplied in dedicated packing cases rather than on pallets, to protect them from transit damage. It means customers can be assured that the Seaflex bags will arrive in a fit condition to be used straight out of the box, with no delay.

All the WaterLoad™ bags stocked at Oceanwide are covered with type-test certificates proving the 6:1 factor of safety on their WLL in line with LEEA 051 guidelines. Additionally, they all carry the weight of full Product Design Assessment (PDA) certification from ABS.
And all this comes at extremely competitive rates.

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