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iXblue Gaps Gen 4: USBL Positioning System

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The iXblue fourth generation pre-calibrated GAPS combines high performance ultra-short baseline (USBL) and a fiber-optic inertial navigation system (INS) in the same housing to provide accurate position of any subsea object in diverse and challenging environments.



4,000 m range, accuracy 0.2% of the slant range, 200 deg coverage.

All-in-one system, simple to use.

Provides absolute position as well as surface GPS-robust position.

No mobilisation/demobilisation: fully operational in less than 1 hour.


Positioning accuracy: 0.2% of slant range

Operating range: 4,000 m

Coverage: 200 deg below acoustic array

Operating frequency: 20 to 30 kHz MFSK CHIRP modulation technique

Heading / Roll / Pitch(2): 0.01 deg


Towfish tracking

AUV, ROV and any subsea vehicle tracking

Diver tracking.

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