Sonardyne Mini Compatt 6: USBL/LBL Transponder and Modem
Sonardyne Mini Compatt 6: USBL/LBL Transponder and Modem
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Sonardyne Mini Compatt 6: USBL/LBL Transponder and Modem

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The Type 8300 Mini is the smallest in the range of Compatt 6 transponders. The design offers the user a lightweight unit with the same acoustic output power as a standard sized unit, but without the integrated sensor system. The mechanical design is based on the field proven Compatt 5. Its size is perfectly suited to deep water vehicle navigation and telemetry applications.
Compatt 6 offers significant time saving using faster and more robust Sonardyne Wideband®2 acoustic ranging and telemetry protocols. This makes any system operating with Compatt 6 significantly easier to operate therefore de-risking operations, reducing vessel time and reducing training requirements for offshore personnel. Sonardyne Wideband 2 advanced signal processing offers improved acoustic performance in challenging conditions, longer range, improved multipath rejection around structures and real-time range diagnostics for quality control. Sonardyne Wideband 2 also reduces the interference to and from adjacent Sonardyne and other acoustic positioning systems.
Compatt 6 is fully compatible with all 6G® equipment and Sonardyne latest 6G LBL and USBL systems. The integrated communications and navigation technology allows the transponder to be used as a multipurpose modem and navigation reference transponder.


MF frequency band utilising Sonardyne Wideband 2 ranging and telemetry protocols

Faster and easier to set-up, calibrate and operate

More robust performance in shallow water and reverberant environments around structures etc

Real time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality control

Reduced mutual interference to further improve simultaneous ops


Operating Frequency: MF (19-34 kHz)

Ranging Precision: Better than 15mm

Number of Unique Addresses Wideband 1 & 2 :500

Battery Life (Listening): 400 days


Suitable for smaller Rovs and towed bodies


Multipurpose modem

Navigation reference transponder.

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