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Autonomous Survey Vessels

With our aim to continually introduce latest cutting-edge technology for offshore survey operations, Unique Group has designed and developed autonomous survey vessels – Uni-Cat and Uni-Pact. Our ASVs are ideal to be used in locations where conventional survey methods are not feasible.

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Leading the way in autonomous surveying

When you need reliable and proven Autonomous Survey Vessel (ASV) solutions, turn to Unique Group’s efficient and reliable Uni-Cat and Uni-Pact.

Their levels of availability and navigational accuracy not only deliver the performance you need but reduce risks to human life and cut your operating costs.

They are already deployed by clients in marine survey, commercial, military, offshore and energy operations around the world to navigate, explore and inspect in shallow or congested waters.

Unique Group has also partnered with iXblue, a French high-technology company, to supply DriX units that's designed for a wide range of tasks such as geophysical and hydrographic surveys, subsea positioning, and ROV/AUV tracking.

Unique Group’s  ASVs (Uni-Pact and Uni-Cat), are equipped to carry out missions via either remote operation or in full autonomy, offering you a choice.

In short, a comprehensive platform that performs to the highest standards when you are facing the most challenging surveying tasks.

Autonomous Advantages

  • Force multiplier
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced risk to personnel
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Project cost reduction

Autonomous Applications

Unique Group’s range of ASV’s can undertake the following projects and tasks:

  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Coastal and Harbour Monitoring
  • Seabed Mapping and Classification
  • Data Harvesting 

To support construction and IMR activity, Unique Group’s ASVs, in particular the DriX, can assist with the following tasks:

  • USBL Box-in of Transponder Arrays
  • ROV Tracking (Touchdown Monitoring)
  • AUV Tracking and Control
  • Ultra-deep Tow Fish Tracking

The ASV team comprises of a vastly experienced team knowledgeable in autonomous vehicle design, payload and operational use. They will listen to your requirements, customise the solution to meet your needs and offer the range of available ASV’s in Unique Group’s fleet.

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