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IW 12, Light-Medium Duty Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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  • IW 12, Light-Medium Duty Hydraulic Torque Wrench
IW 12, Light-Medium Duty Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The Stanley IW12 is a medium duty ¾ inch square drive impact wrench designed for underwater bolting and drilling applications. Powered by a Stanley integral Hyrevz motor, the IW12 has a durable swing hammer impact mechanism with adjustable impact intensity from 250 to 1200ft lbs (340 to 1632Nm) of torque. Designed to run from a wide range of hydraulic circuits, this wrench allows underwater bolting in the most extreme applications.

• Stainless Steel spools and fasteners
• Forward-Reverse with variable speed
• Pistol grip style handle
• Adjustable impact intensity
• 1200ft lbs/1632Nm of maximum impact torque
• Oversized trigger with guard for operator comfort
• Plastisol handle for comfortable ergonomic grip
• Durable swing hammer mechanism
• Cast-in lifting eye
• Tigger guard
• Painted in hi-visibility yellow paint

Capacity: ¾" / 19mm Square Drive
Torque: 250 - 1200ft lbs / 340 -1632Nm
Flow Range: 4-12gpm / 15 - 45lpm
Working Pressure: 1000 - 2000psi / 70-140bar
Full Relief Setting: 2250psi / 155bar
Weight: 14lbs / 6.4kg
Length: 11¼" / 28.6cm
Width: 4" / 10.2cm
Hydraulic Ports: -8 SAE O-ring
Connector Size and Type: 3 ⁄8" Male Pipe Adapter
Couplers (See Ordering Information)
Hose Whips: No

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Hydraulic Torque wrench - Light - Medium Duty, IW12 D-ST-145
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