UG HVR 4401: Underwater Oxygen Regulator
UG HVR 4401: Underwater Oxygen Regulator
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UG HVR 4401: Underwater Oxygen Regulator

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Unique Group supplies HVR 4401, Underwater Oxygen Regulator, a two-stage device that provides a consistent flow and high amount of oxygen for underwater burning. According to research, cutting efficiency is more dependent on oxygen flow than on oxygen pressure. This basic criterion is met by a high volume regulator. Furthermore, the device is developed and constructed for ease of use, optimum efficiency, and long-term durability. It fits the industry standard of European and American cylinder valves and connections.


Constant flow and high-volume

Ease of operation

Designed for years of rugged underwater use


The inlet pressure is 0-4000 psi and the outlet pressure is 0-600 psi.

If the HVR-4401 is wide open the regulator will be flowing at 80 scfm.

Length 9 inches x Width 9 inches x Height 9 inches.

Regulator, High volume Oxygen, Broco: D-ST-174


Applicable to operations of hydraulic machinery and designed for portable and flexible use in a variety of industrial purposes.

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