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WCB Series, Underwater Welding Current Breakers

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  • WCB Series, Underwater Welding Current Breakers
WCB Series, Underwater Welding Current Breakers

The welding current breakers (WCB) comprise double pole, single action, direct current 'switch disconnect', integral calibrated voltmeter and ammeter and Dinze type input/ output connectors housed in an ABS box. The circuit breaker is designed to break both the negative (-) and positive (+) side of the circuit with a single throw of the switch. The voltmeter allows both the open circuit voltage (OCV) and arc voltage to be monitored during the welding operation. The ammeter provides analogue monitoring of the current. The WCB can be used with either positive (+) or negative (-) polarity by reversing the output cables.

Order Details:  
400 Amp Portable Knife Switch Breaker for underwater cutting/welding D-ST-165
400 Amp Remote Knife Switch and Contractor for underwater cutting/ welding D-ST-178
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