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AP Commando, Buoyancy Compensator

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  • AP Commando, Buoyancy Compensator
AP Commando, Buoyancy Compensator

The AP Commando bouyancy compensator offers superior build quality by making use of the 1000 denier twin-bag construction. It also uses the unique AP reflex comfort-fit system that allows the diver to adjust the jacket fit and customise it specifically for their individual shape with a one-time simple set-up adjustment in the height position of the waistband, shoulder buckles and the backplate length. The AP Commando comes with, multiple lightweight aluminium 50mm D-rings - pre-bent to stand-off for easy clip-on.

Order Detail:  
Diver BC - AP Commando Medium Bare D-PD-370
Diver BC - AP Commando Large Bare   D-PD-371
Diver BC - AP Commando XL Bare D-PD-372
Diver BC - Ap Commando XXL Bare  D-PD-373


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