UG Hydra 810: 1st Stage Regulator
UG Hydra 810: 1st Stage Regulator
Diving + Life Support

UG Hydra 810: 1st Stage Regulator

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Unique Group’s 810 is an ideal regulator for any shallow water bail-out system with a balanced piston.


It has a pressure range of 0-8 BAR and a compatible HP port on the front plate.

The 810 has an overall length of 13 inches including a single HP port, 3LP ports, and a balanced piston within the body to reduce free flow and offer increased stability in fluctuating water pressure.

It is a 1st Stage Regulator designed with a small, lightweight, and super-compact design.

This DIN balanced piston regulator has one HP port, and three LP ports and comes with a 4th connector available upon request.

Very comfortable and allows for longer dive times.


Piston DIN

Hp Ports: 1

LP Ports: 3

Certified: CE Approved


Commercial diving applications

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