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ATS 2100, Altitude Training Systems

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  • ATS 2100, Altitude Training Systems
ATS 2100, Altitude Training Systems

The Unique Group Hypobaric chambers for civil and military altitude training systems (ATS) are designed to specifically simulate the atmospheric and physiological effects experienced at higher altitudes including rapid decompression simulation. The Unique Group ATS system is offered as a turn-key solution, and is provided with full ATS training for operators and technicians, with further support and maintenance options.

• Separate of whole system decompression
• Noise reduction silencers
• Modern Control Panel Layout
• Full CCTV Monitoring

Codes and Standards: ASME VIII Div 1 PVHO & NFPA 99B (Class D)
Certification: Lloyds Register (PVHO)
Occupancy: Main Compartment: 16 trainees and 2 instructors
Lock Compartment: 4 trainees and 1 instructor
System Overall Performance: 0 to 100 000 ft

Main Compartment: 5642mm x 2100mm x 2400mm
Lock Compartment: 2400mm x 2100mm x 2400mm
Overall Length: 8150mm

Order Detail:

Aviation Hypobaric Treatment Chamber D-AH-135
Altitude Training System (ATS) D-AH-136


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