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TDC 1100/55, Transport Chamber

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  • TDC 1100/55, Transport Chamber
Catalogue - D-MD - Military Diving Equipment
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The TDC 1100/55 is designed and engineered for the transport of a single injured diver and an attendant from an offshore location to an onshore medical facility with the least amount of risk. The chamber is designed for a maximum working depth of 55m and is built in accordance with the latest design codes which are certified and approved by Lloyd’s Register. The chamber pressure vessel has been certified by Lloyd's Register, who have also witnessed all materials and testing. The material used for the construction of the pressure vessel is Aluminium, thus providing a light and durable construction. The chamber is fitted with two view-ports and a medical lock, positioned to ensure the operators can see and access the occupant and attendant, and provide an additional means of communication and monitoring of the diver's state of health. The control panel is mounted on the chamber with direct control of the depth and pressurisation systems. All fittings and parts are of a high standard to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance.

Dia: ± 1150mm
Length: 2750mm
Width: 1500mm
Height: 1550mm
Weight (Aluminium): ± 520kg
Volume: ± 1500 Ltr