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CDL TOGS Fibre Optic Gyrocompass

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  • CDL TOGS Fibre Optic Gyrocompass
CDL TOGS Fibre Optic Gyrocompass

The CDL Tiny Optical Gyro System (TOGS) is a low cost fibre optic gyro (FOG) based North seeking compass for use on surface marine vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The extremely small size of the unit allows the system to be used in many underwater applications where space is at a premium. CDL TOGS Fibre Optic Gyrocompass rapidly settles on its full heading accuracy of 0.5° secant latitude RMS within 10 minutes. CDL TOGS also provides pitch and roll outputs to accurately track these aspects of vessel or ROV motion. Housing options include 3000m and 4000m aluminium subsea as well as a 6000m titanium subsea version.

Key Features

Low cost, small size, lightweight.

Optical technology (FOG), no moving parts.

Pitch and roll with Depth sensor option.

Sound Velocity sensor option.

Fast north seeking.

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