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DNV Gas Banks

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  • DNV Gas Banks
DNV Gas Banks

These 200 bar Seamless cylinder gas banks are supplied in a DNV 2.7-1-OFFSHORE 12/16-cylinder quad mild steel frame with pad eyes for lifting. a DNV certified lifting sling is included. These 50 litre cylinders can be supplied with one or two inlet and one or two outlet configurations (with gauges) and are painted as per IMCA for use with air, oxygen or heliox requirement.


  • For air quads: stainless steel pipes and tubing
  • For Oxygen/Heliox quads: tungum tubing & Victor or Tescom regulators
  • DNV 2.7-1 Certification pack for lifting frame and slings
  • IMCA D018 - Certification for the Cylinder Assembly


GB 16 - DNV - 16 cylinders
Length x Width x Height:
1100 x 1100 x 2220mm
Tare Mass: 500kg
Pay Load: 1600kg
Gross Mass: 2100kg


Order Detail:

16 x 50L, 200bar, Nitrox Cylinder Gas Bank- DNV Quad Frame and Sling D-GB-437
16 x 50L, 200 bar, Heliox Cylinder Gas Bank- DNV Quad Frame and Sling D-GB-438
16 x 50L, 200 bar, Oxygen Cylinder Gas Bank- DNV Quad Frame and Sling D-GB-439
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