Unique Group, a leading integrated subsea and offshore solutions provider, recently completed a significant delivery of ten Kirby Morgan (KM) 37SS dive helmets to Bathopele Traders, a level 1 BEE procurement specialist with over two decades experience in provisioning with the public sector in South Africa. Bathopele Traders selected Unique Group, the authorised distributor of Kirby Morgan, to partner with for the execution of this project for the Defence Force.

An industry standard for dive helmets, the KM 37SS features an all-stainless-steel shell, as well as stainless sideblocks, helmet ring, handle, and other key components. It also comes with several advantages including:

  • Rugged helmet shell and other components
  • No refinishing required if the surface is scratched or gouged
  • Elimination of threaded inserts for securing port retainer to helmet shell

Andrew Laing, Division Manager (Diving & Life Support), Unique Group Cape Town commented, “This is a significant order for personal diving equipment we’ve completed in the recent months. Kirby Morgan helmets are an industry standard for personalised underwater diving equipment and have a strong reputation for safety and quality. It is great to see our customers in the region choosing the best products without compromising on quality.”

Unique Group offices in Cape Town, India and the Netherlands have been an authorised distributor for Kirby Morgan for many years. The agreement entails the sale of the complete range of Kirby Morgan products including helmets and spares as well as the provision of full support services for inspection, repair and certified technician training in these locations.

Randall Sims, Account Executive/Project Lead, Bathopele Traders commented, “Bathopele Traders had the pleasure of aligning with the Unique Group to procure the Kirby Morgan (KM) 37SS dive helmets. Our main objective for this project was to source the highest quality product, with extremely tight timelines. We thank the team at Unique Group for their outstanding service and look forward to a continued successful business relationship.”

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