World-class marine technology company, OTAQ plc, has announced a significant contract award and exclusive supply agreement with Unique Group to supply a number of seabed landers.

The Aberdeen-based company, which has offices in Lancaster, Ulverston and Puerto Montt in Chile, will design and build the observation platforms in collaboration with Unique Group. Commonly used to record physical, chemical and biological activity, OTAQ Offshore will fit the seabed lander systems with inspection products, such as very high-resolution stills cameras, Eagle IP video cameras, OceanSENSE leak detection system and Dragonfish laser measurement systems. The systems will also be configured to carry other third-party supplied inspection and monitoring equipment.

Two models are in line to be produced; a shallow-water version rated to 300m and a deep-water version rated to 4000 meters, available for rental and sale exclusively through Unique Group’s worldwide office network. These two variants will allow clients to use the landers in a range of applications using their existing cables and winches.

Chief Operating Officer at Unique Group, Sahil Gandhi, said: “We are excited to be able to further our partnership with OTAQ Offshore by collaborating on the development of seabed landers. Through this launch, we reiterate our commitment to offering exceptional products and solutions to our customers globally, and look forward to future innovations with OTAQ.”

Phil Newby, Chief Executive Officer, OTAQ plc said: “We are thrilled Unique Group chose OTAQ Offshore to support them with this project. We have an exceptional team of engineers, whose skills are uniquely suited to this type of activity. Having Unique Group as our exclusive partner for sales and rentals will open new doors for us, as well as strengthen our position as a world-class marine technology company.”

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